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Ponytail's Weird Mod's Page!

This page is dedicated to all you wishing to perform odd and unusual mods to their guns. However, for you true tinker freaks, make sure you head on over to The Tinker's Guild and be sure to check out their forum. The Tinker's Guild is hosted generously by Doc Nickel, the ultimate tinker freak himself. Be sure and check out his page: Doc's Machine.

Non-electric agitated hopper:

Model I

This is very simple. Take your VL200 or other hopper, and drill two small holes in it. One on the top, foward of the center, and one on bottom, about 1/2 " behind the stalk. Now, take a rubber band, and cut it so it is about 1" long. Next take some string ( I prefer leather cord) and tie it to one end of the rubber band. You will knot this in the top hole, so that the rubber band hangs down into the hopper. But not yet! Next, tie a lenght of string to the other end of the band. Now, crumple up a ball of tape, preferably duct tape ;) and attach it to the bottom of the rubber band, around the string/ band knot. Finally, run knot the top string to the top hole, the top of the band should touch the top of the hopper, with the tape ball hanging in the hopper, then run the other end of the string out of the hole in the bottom of the hopper. Simply attach the end of the string to some moving part of your paintgun, such as the cocking arm, or cocking block.
This is how it works: when the gun fires, and the cocking rod moves back and forth, it will tug on the string which will pull down on the tape ball attached to the rubber band. On each shot, the tape ball will stroke across the feed hole in the hopper, clearing any jams. The rubber band insures it will return to it's place. Hope it works!

Method II

This method will only work on guns with an exhaust valve, such as a 3 way (4 way) valve like on the AutoCocker. Basically, if you look at the back of the 3way, there is an opening. This is where gas is released during the cycle. If you stick a small tube in the hole (not to far in or you will jam the cycle!) and route it to the hopper (drill a hole in the bottom of your VL200) you can use it to agitate the balls! I have heard however, that this may cause ball breaks in the hopper, if so, put a tiny piece of foam on the end of the tube and see if it helps! Hope it works!

Multiple 12-gram changers:
How to lower your hopper's profile:

The AFS-T1:

The AFS-T1 is a revolutionary new device which allows Pro-Lite owners to fire their guns in full-auto. But don't just take my word for it, go check it out! At the AFS-T1 site

Pump to semi-auto conversion:
M-16 look-alike mods:

Above is a pic of an ICD Thundercat modified to look like an M4, which is the short version of the M16. There are three basic parts you need to do to such a conversion to any gun:
1) A sight rail
2) A stock
3) A handguard
You can purchase all these product through F.U.N. Supply This will save you the trouble of combing through gun supply catalogs. Besides, F.U.N. Supply makes the CAR stock Gas-Through, with the option of a bleed valve. Top that!

Do you own a Spyder? Did you know you can make it an M-16 lookalike? All you need is the handguard and sight rail from FunSupply (see above) and the new M-4 CAR stock from USAS. They are the makers of the well-designed Viper M-1, a gun which has its own M-16 package. Well, now USAS has decided to make their CAR stock for the Spyder. Because the Spyder does not have a back-bottle configuartion, this CAR stock does not need to be gas-through and is a bit cheaper. Wander over to their site, USAS and check it out. It is for sale through their partner 1-800-PAINTBALL. So go check it out!

Full-auto modification theories:
One method of converting your semi-auto to full-auto is through the use of electric cams. This is what has been done to these two VMs, creating the Brute Gun

If you want to learn more about the Brute Gun go to:T he Brute Gun

Interesting things to do to the worlds most boring paintgun (or how to make your AutoMag more interesting):

Slap a 40 rd ammo box and a quick change on a Mag, an voila! Your game will change!

And when you master that, go for 10 rds!
To learn more about this ambitious project, go to:The PistolMag

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